Dreadlock Upgrades

Transitionals, Candycanes' Xtra Length & More.. choose your Additions and Upgrades here!
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    There's a lot of options when working with Dreadlock pieces.. If theres something you don't see here then ask, Im sure I can figure something out for you..

    Transitionals and Candycane Upgrades stated as "more than 4" are for 5-8, or "more than 8" is for 8-12. But you can have up to 4 in your order, included with the Standard Price.

    ** Additionally, You can also opt for the Artist License since.. well, Im an Artist, and I have been making these regularly for years, so if you're in, or in the market for an "Artists' Creation", let me know your Color selections and/or inspirations and Ill whip something up special.. It may include Studs, Lox, Rexlace, Crazy Blends, Candycanes or all of them- Artists' Choice! ** Just Remember- You only pick your Colors and the rest is up to me **