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Riff Rafferty's Pub

So here is the start of something Great!

As many of you know I had my very own Custom Bar built for my little Shop, and more recently, Ive added a couple bar stools to it as well.

Why a bar in a Hair Salon you ask? Its simple: I wanted one!

Its a private little bar for Friends & Clients to hang out while they're getting their hair done.

Its got some evolving to do on its own, so this is just the beginning..

Come check it out if ya haven't already Im always up for some company.. but there's a password to drink at my bar.. "I want a haircut!"


#riffraffertys #irishpub #brackishsalon #hairsalon #craftbeer #whiskey #providence #ironmaidenbeer #heavymetalhairstylist #gothhairstyles

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