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Getting Interactive

So in trying to find ways to get more interactive, and subsequently get more reach, I've created a couple new avenues.

First up check out the new Group I created to replace my old Artist Page. There's some tweaking I have to do to it, since I just did it yesterday, but it needed to be done.

I put 5 harde years of working with the old one, but I seemed to have collected a lot of 'erroneous' fans (fake profiles, inactive users, or those that just forgot they liked the page). This hurts my reach, which was <150 on the last two weeks of posts.. ....this is out of over 9k. Most of the reach was friends and people Im already connected with personally, so it seems futile to post in two places, all to the same audience.

I really just needed a fresh start, with a clean slate. Those that end up in the Group have to want to be there, there's not fan hording or anything, plus, 5 years is just a really long time on the internet world, too much baggage collects in that time.

So why the Group then?

I like the idea of the Group because it has the potential to be much more interactive , plus, and I can't stress it enough, FB won't block it as much. When you join a Group you get notifications when something is posted, (and this is what I love the most), YOU can choose how you want to be notified.

You can opt for notifications on all posts, or just the hilights. You can even choose to not be notified on any of them, and you'll still get some of the posts in your newsfeed.. either way, at the very least, you won't miss as much.

So check it out, It will be a little more personal and intimate than my last Page, but not as much so as my personal profile. And if that's still too much for you to bare, then you can always stick with the Studio Page instead

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