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Samhain Festivities

Halloween Season is upon us and with comes the demand for Costumes and Cosplays! This is the time of year that the demand for both Dread Wigs and Costumes is at an all time high.

If you're in the market for a Wig now is the time to put your custom order in! As of October 1st, with only 4 weeks left until Halloween, there will be a rush fee of any wig orders placed on or after that date (so IOW YES, you can still grab one last minute!)

These WIgs and DIY Dreadlock Kits can be purchased HERE

ALso, although hate to think of my clothing as merely "Costumes" lol, you can also grab one of those pieces to complete any Halloween or Cosplay fit you've designed. Im working on a lot of new Medieval -styled pieces you can preview and get first dibs on (as soon as next week) HERE

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