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Alternative Hairstyles Pirate - Viking style Hair Salon, Clothing Designs Studio & Mini Pub Bar in Providence, Rhode Island

Brackish Salon & Design Studio is a creative project of mine that was launched late in 2013.

Photographers, Models, Hairstylists, Makeup Artists, Tattoo Artists and the like are all behind the things you see when you turn on the TV or open your favorite magazine.

Its a collaboration of Artists from start to finish that have worked so hard to try and perfect their crafts.. bringing you the fantastical images and concepts that they have envisioned; not just for your entertainment, but also to satisfy their own hunger for creative expression.

I’m Stitchez, and as an “alt chick” I know how frustrating it can be looking for that cool place that can do the alternative styles we see in the magazines and the Instagram feeds. This is my specialty, and I have you covered. 

I specialize in creative, FX colors and, what I’m most known for, Dreadlocks. I started with synthetic falls and wigs in the very early 00’s, and have been starting, maintaining and repairing dreadlocks for 15 years.


This is my little Shop, watch it Evolve with me!





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