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Dreadlocks have been around for centuries and can be worn by anyone willing to take the time and the commitment to growing and developing them!

I typically use a Backcombing and Crochet method for starting locks, with other methods integrated as seen fit


No hair is too Skinny or too Straight for Dreads!


Dreadlocks are a commitment. They take months or even years to completely mature. They can be unpredictable, and everyones hair Dreads differently.


1st Time Dreads - $250 and up

* Dread prices depend on the Length & Thickness of your hair, as well as the size you want your Dreads to be * 

(If your hair is super short or undercut, it will likely be less)

Maintenance - $50/hour

Natural Extensions - *per quote

Hair can be added during the dreading process to add length, fullness, or just to avoid some shrinkage.

+ + Synthdreads + +

Synthdreads are a Great way to Express yourself.. for the Look without the Commitment!


Custom-Made to any Length, Size & Color, Synthetic Dreadlocks can be Weaved or Wrapped into the hair,

or even used to start natural Dreads!  Easily removable and damage free. 


+ + Dread kits must be purchased at the time the Appointment is made + +


Consultations are also required (in-person or email) to determine the Size, Length and COLOR the Dreads will be. 

The Dreads only need to be purchased once and are reusable, and only re-installation charge thereafter. 

Singles - $10 / ea

30 count - $180

60 count - $360

(includes installation)




+ + Xtenders + +

Add Length to existing Dreads with Xtenders.

Fix short dreads, broken dreads or even the unruly ones!



*synthetic hair included, human hair extra*