Dreadlocks have been around for Centuries and can be worn by anyone willing to take the Time and the Commitment to Growing and Developing them!

I typically use a Backcombing and Crochet method for starting locks on Caucasian hair. Ethnic hair can be either Crocheted, Wrapped or Twisted.


No hair is too Skinny or too Straight for Dreads!


Dreadlocks are a huge commitment. They take months or even years to completely mature. They can be unpredictable, and everyones hair Dreads differently.

Keeping this in mind, also consider Synthdreads (below) for shorter-term wear or more instant results.


* Dread prices depend on the Length & Thickness of your hair, as well as the size you want your Dreads to be *


1st Time Dreads - $150+

Maintenance - $50+

Synthdreads are a Great way to Express yourself.. for the Look without the Commitment!


Custom-Made to any Length, Size & Color, Synthetic Dreadlocks can be Weaved or Wrapped into the hair, or even used to start natural Dreads!  Easily removable and damage free. 


+ + Synthdreads are by Quote only, and require a $100 Deposit at the time the Appointment is made + +


Consultations are also required (in-person, phone or email) to determine the Size, Length and COLOR the Dreads will be. 

The Dreads only need to be purchased once and are reusable (unless you want different colors etc). 


I make these Dreads myself, so 1-2 weeks are needed to prepare them before your Appointment + +


Synths can also be used to add Color or Volume to natural dreads.


Singles - $10 / ea

Singles w/ Flash or other Accents - $15 / ea





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+ + Xtenders + +

Add Length to existing Dreads with Xtenders. They can be added to just about any Dread strong enough to support it. Fix short dreads, broken dreads or even the unruly ones!


* Prices depend on how many Dreads we need to xtend, typically ranges $50-$100 for average extension *