Precision, Layering, , Texturizing, Volumizing..  Be it more Conservative, Edgy, Funky.. or you just want something a little different..

Cuts that compliment your Colors, and Tips on At-Home Styling so you can create the Salon look for yourself!


..And for the Guys, there's something for you too..

Whether you're High or Low Maintenance, you'll appreciate the Cool, low-key atmosphere at Brackish Salon.


Women's Cuts - $40+

Men's Cuts - $25




Colors are one of the easiest, yet most efficient and diverse ways of expressing yourself.

Cover Grey with a Natural likeness of your own Hair Color..

Brighten up with a few Hilights around your Face..

Add Drama to your Dome with some FX Color Streaks & Chunks.. The sky's the limit when it comes to Color in the 21st Century! Colors include 


Colors - $50+

Partial Hilites - $70+

Full Hilites - $85+

Corrective Colors  *per quote

FX Colors  *per quote


++ Consultations are Free and Completely Painless ++


There are many factors that go into the Price of Coloring Services, including, but not limited to, the Length and Thickness of your Hair, as well as where we're starting from and where we're going to..


Please Schedule a Consult if you need an exact Price Quote.


* Prices reflect Color Services with a Blowout only *