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Black Grunge

 + + ++ + + ++ + Cancellation Policy + ++ + ++ + + + 

I ask that you give 24 hours notice if you can't make your appointment, so I can have an opportunity to offer your space to someone else. 

Same-day cancellations and no-shows will require a 20% re-booking fee. 

Clients that chronically cancel or no-show may be asked not to come back. 
I offer one pass per year. . because shit happens, I get it. Same applies for me, if I   happen to cancel last-minute or no show on you:) 

Black Grunge

 + ++ + + ++ + + + Other Policies + ++ + + + ++ + + 

* No children under 16 in the studio, that aren't receiving services, for services over 60 minutes. This is a stress-free adult zone.

* No more than one guest in the studio, for services over 90 minutes

* No smokin' or vapin' inside the mill or the studio. If you come in high af or smelling strong of pot, you may be asked to leave. Don't be disrespectful.

* Any adjustments to services must be scheduled within 10 days of original service, and must be declared within 3 days of original service

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