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Q: Are you a Salon or in someon's kitchen? 

A: Yes, this is a question I've been asked.  The Studio is a Legal Business, not in someone's house. This is also my Workshop, so in addition to Hair Services, I also design clothing, make wigs, wood work, paint, and do other artistic things in here.



Q: Where are you located? 

A: Brackish is located in the Hope Artiste VIllage in Pawtucket. Exact directions can be found in the Contact Page



Q: What forms of payment do you take?

A: CASH, Master Card or Visa. Under certain circumstances, such as desposits and online payments, Paypal is also an option.



Q: What are your hours?

A: Hours vary, which is why Appointments are reccommended.  Im not always doing hair services, and so I may not always be in the Shop. I could be off shooting somewhere, doing a gig, out of town, or something else..



Q: What is the best way to contact you for Questions or Appointments?

A: Honestly, the best way to contact me is via Text Message, Fan Page Messages or right here through the websites Contact Form.  If you call, be sure to leave a Voice Mail


Q: Are you family/pet friendly?

A: No. My Studio is a private workshop where I keep personal (and adult ) collections, and there are too many dangerous things that are not child-ptoof or dog-proof. If you must bring your little ones, you must also keep close watch over them.


Q: I tried calling and no one answered..

A: Yes, I do screen the phone calls. If I have not worked with you before, and you are not in my phone, then I will likely not answer. 85% percent of the non-soliciting phone calls I receive are Clients or Potential Clients looking to make an appointment. If Im not right in front of my schedule, I do not want to have to remember our conversation and have to get back to you. There's too much room for error. If you leave a Voice Mail or Text Message, Ill have something to reference when I open up the schedule, and can get back to you much more accurately and efficiently.


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