Custom Dreadlock Wigs


Custom Dreadlock Wigs are  Made-to-Order, and fully Customizable to any Length & Colors you want! 


More Colors can be added, as well as Transitionals, CandyCanes and Blended Dreads.



Dreadlock Wigs - $170+



* Standard Wigs are available in your choice of Base Color and up to 2 Accent Colors!


You can upgrade to more options, such as Xtra Length, More Colors or More Volume!


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Synthetic dreadlocks for dread falls. Made to Order Wigs USA Shipped worldwide

Custom Dreadlock Kits


Dreads are available Made-to-Order in Single-ended Dread Kits.


Any Color and available in S/M/L or XL lengths.


Completely Straight, Natural Kink or Wavy.

These are perfect for Synth Dread Extensions or Dread Falls and can be shipped anywhere!



Kit of 50 Singles - $125


Kit of 25 Singles - $65

hair falls and synthetic hair dread extensions
Dreadlocks for DIY Falls & Hair Extensions