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Hair Extensions in Providence. Fusion, Linkies, Pinchbraids
Hair Extensions


Add Length, Volume, or a little of both with Extensions.


There are many different types of Hair, both Human and Synthetic, that go with different budgets and desired results.


Consultations are Free and completely Painless. We can determine where we're starting from and exactly where you want to go, and the best route to get there!




Small Metal Links/Xtendtubes that lay flat. They are both applied and removed without Heat or Chemicals. These are best for Length, Accents, or Short-term wear.


Half App: $150+

Full App: $250+



Keratin Bonds that are near-invisible and can be applied close to the hairline. This option offers the most Volume, Coverage and Longevity.


Half App: $250+

Full App: $400+

Xtra Coverage Full: $500+



Small Braids used to attach Synthetic Hair. Although the most time-consuming, this technique offers the most Creativity with your Style and results. With Dozens of Colors, both Natural and Fancy, to choose from, it can offer just some Color Tips for Length, or a Full Head Application for a real Alternative Look!


Half App: $350+

Full App: $550+


All-Over Full App (where every single strand of hair is braided): $650+


* Full Apps that can require excessive length and/or volume may be considerably higher.

* Hair Not Included


There are, of course, other ways of trying something Different that doesnt have to fall into one of these Categories. Integraion Weaves are fairly quick and easy and are a great option for a more Temporary Change. Additionally, Accents are great options to add a little Flash to your Look.

hair extensions with feathers, rexlace, streaks, dreads, yarn, braids and DIY projects
Accents & Flash

Hair Accents are perfect for adding a little sumthin' sumthin' without long-term commitment or maintenance.


Try some Feathers, Flash, FX Color Streaks, Clip-in's, Dreads, Braids.. the options are endless!


Let me know what ya have in mind and I'll whip something up just for you!

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